Clay Travis: "Novak Djokovic showed courage"

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Clay Travis: "Novak Djokovic showed courage"
Clay Travis: "Novak Djokovic showed courage"

Several tennis players and insiders have lined up for the 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic, including radio host Clay Travis. Through the Twitter profile, Travis praised Djokovic for his consistency: "True to his principles, Novak Djokovic has given up two Grand Slams this year.

We are talking about two tournaments in which he would have been the favorite to win the title. Djokovic would have been the man to beat at both the Australian Open and the US Open and it is likely that he would have won at least one of those two tournaments.

Considering that concrete is his favorite surface, he could have lifted both trophies and stretched in the all-time Grand Slam standings. He has shown that he is a courageous and consistent man." Clay criticized the US government: "There is no compelling reason to keep him out of the US.

He could have entered the country through Mexico, but he preferred not to. There is no medical reason that justifies the decision not to let him in." Having triumphed at Wimbledon for the seventh time in her career, Nole still has an excellent chance of competing in the ATP Finals in Turin.

Novak's US Open retirement

After weeks of uncertainty, Novak Djokovic has announced that he will not participate in the US Open 2022. The reason is all known: Nole cannot enter the United States not being vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

For the Serbian phenomenon this is therefore the second renouncement of a Grand Slam in 2022 after the one at the Australian Open. The former world number 1 waited until hours before the draw, hoping the CDC would change the law.

Although vaccinated and unvaccinated have been treated equally internally, the rules at the border have not been changed. However, 2022 gave some joy to the 35-year-old from Belgrade, capable of winning the Masters 1000 in Rome and above all Wimbledon.

Unable to defend the final he reached in New York last year, Djokovic will drop further in the standings. Djokovic should instead the Australian Open 2023: new rules should allow the Serb to ger a visa in order to enter in the Country, despite is not vaccined.

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