Goran Djokovic: "Novak Djokovic can play up to 40 years!"

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Goran Djokovic: "Novak Djokovic can play up to 40 years!"

In a recent interview with The Pavlovic Today, Goran Djokovic, uncle of 21-time Slam champion Novak Djokovic, made some interesting thoughts about his nephew's future. Goran explained: "This year has not been easy for Novak Djokovic, but he has never lost heart.

I'm sure he will come out even stronger. Nole has incredible mental strength and knows what his goals are. The ordeal. who lived this year may have extended his career. Instead of retiring from tennis in 3-4 years, maybe he will do it in 5-6.

His physique is still in excellent condition." In an interview with Clay Tennis a couple of weeks ago, René Stauffer revealed that Djokovic doesn't have a great relationship with Roger Federer: "There is a long-standing friendship between Roger and Rafael Nadal.

they help each other with performances in Mallorca, Cape Town and Switzerland. Between Djokovic and Federer, on the contrary, there is a big gap. They only talk to each other when strictly necessary."

Novak Djokovic's 2022

2022 was certainly not an easy year for Novak Djokovic.

Predictably enough, the Serbian phenomenon paid dearly for his choice not to vaccinate against the Coronavirus and he had to give up several tournaments. The former world number 1 was unable to play the Australian Open and the US Open, two events in which he would certainly have been the man to beat.

For the same reason, the 35-year-old from Belgrade has missed all the American Masters 1000 (Indian Wells, Miami, Montreal and Cincinnati). As if that weren't enough, the failure to award points at Wimbledon plunged him further into the standings.

Triumphing in London for the seventh time in his career, Nole has lifted his season and shortened the gap that separates him from Rafael Nadal in the all-time standings. Djokovic is now only one length behind the Spaniard and will try to join the Australian Open 2023. According to the latest rumors, Novak should have no problem entering Australia next year.