Damir Dzumhur: Novak Djokovic does far more for players, tennis than Rafael Nadal

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Damir Dzumhur: Novak Djokovic does far more for players, tennis than Rafael Nadal

Damir Dzumhur says he is picking Novak Djokovic over Rafael Nadal as he feels the Serb is doing more for the game than the Spaniard. In a conversation with Bosnian telecommunication company Mtel, Dzumhur was asked to pick between Djokovic and Nadal.

"First of all, I have a really correct and friendly relationship with Djokovic. I think he is a player who helps players far more, not only to players from the former Yugoslavia, but tennis in general - he puts more effort in helping other players, for the better ATP Tour, for the better conditions for all the players - not just for the top-100, but for those who are the top-200, top-300, top-400.

That's something that I think Nadal has never really showed in his career," Dzumhur said during a conversation with Mtel.

Dzumhur thought Djokovic would have won the Australian Open

After Nadal created an impressive comeback to beat Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open final, Dzumhur gave his thoughts on the Spaniard's victory at Melbourne Park.

Djokovic, a record nine-time Australian Open champion, wasn't allowed to compete at the Australian Open due to his vaccination status. Because of that, Dzumhur didn't appear to be too impressed with Nadal's victory at Melbourne Park.

"Anyone can win a Grand Slam without Novak Djokovic competing. Still the GOAT Djoker," Dzumhur said in an Instagram Story shortly after Nadal's Australian Open triumph. After being denied participation at the Australian Open, Djokovic was also denied participation at the US Open.

But the difference this time was that Nadal didn't win the tournament. After missing the US Open, Djokovic is hoping to be allowed to compete at the Australian Open in January. Last week, Australia media reported that Djokovic's three-year ban from entering the country is set to be lifted. Should that become official, it would open the door for Djokovic to return to Melbourne Park in January.