Novak Djokovic will reunite with Grand Slam winner during “last dance” on court

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Novak Djokovic will reunite with Grand Slam winner during “last dance” on court

Novak Djokovic has shared a message to Israeli doubles tennis star Jonathan Erlich ahead of the Serbian's forthcoming visit in Israel to compete in the Tel Aviv Open. “Yoni, Ma Nishma!? Shalom! I’ll see you soon in Tel Aviv, my friend!

You know that very well. We’re going to be on the court again after so many years. I know this is going to be your last tournament. The best memory of my life in doubles was with you. So you gave me this pleasure of winning the only doubles title in my life in Queens in 2010.

It was one of the funniest weeks I had on the tour. You’ve always been very friendly towards me, towards my team, very respectful. Everybody loves you, everybody will miss you on the tour. You have been such a great example of persistence and professionalism.

I look forward seeing you in Tel Aviv in your last dance on the court. It’s going to be my honor to be alongside you for that tournament, the last one in your career. Of course, we are going to celebrate your career of the court as well, and nurture our friendship for a long time.

All the best, my friend,” said Djokovic in his video message.

Djokovic celebrates a lot outside the court

Before the planned celebration of Jonathan Erlich’s career, Djokovic had a good time at his brother Djordje’s wedding, where the festivities lasted for a few days.

The Serbian picked up the mic again at his younger brother’s wedding in Montenegro. Watch Djokovic singing here: Novak Djokovic sings at brother’s wedding (WATCH). Besides singing, Novak Djokovic had a fun time alongside his wife Jelena and son Stefan.

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