Novak Djokovic answers whether he regrets vaccine decision, missing US Open


Novak Djokovic answers whether he regrets vaccine decision, missing US Open

21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic admitted that he is sad over missing the US Open but underlined that he has no regrets about his decision. Djokovic, 35, wasn't allowed to enter the United States because of his vaccination status.

Under the United States vaccine laws, Djokovic wasn't allowed to enter the country as an unvaccinated foreigner. This week in London, Djokovic is set to return to action at the Laver Cup. It will be Djokovic's first appearance since his Wimbledon victory.

"I don't have any regrets," Djokovic said. "I mean, I do feel sad that I wasn't able to play, but, you know, that was decision that I made. I knew what the consequences will be, so I accepted them. That's it. I congratulate Alcaraz for winning US Open.

He did it in an incredible fashion. He's 19 years old and already number one in the world. He's a great addition to our sport, a great star in making. We can't speak about him as future, because he's already a present."

Djokovic hopes to be allowed to play at the Australian Open

After Djokovic's Australia visa was cancelled, he was deported from Australia and banned from entering the country for three years.

But in January, the Australian government said Djokovic could return to the country sooner "under the right circumstances." Now, Djokovic is hoping that his ban will get rescinded in the upcoming period. "I'm waiting for the news.

It's really not in my hands right now. I'm hoping I can get some positive news soon," Djokovic said. Djokovic is a record nine-time Australian Open champion. Djokovic captured three consecutive Australian Open titles between 2019 and 2021.

This season, Djokovic didn't even get a chance to go for a fourth consecutive Australian Open title. It remains to be seen if Djokovic will be allowed to return to Australia at the start of 2023.

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