Novak Djokovic: "I don't feel so old!"

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Novak Djokovic: "I don't feel so old!"
Novak Djokovic: "I don't feel so old!"

Novak Djokovic, protagonist of day-2 in the Laver Cup, after the clear success against Frances Tiafoe in the singles, has also taken away the whim of winning the double alongside Matteo Berrettini, who at the opening of the day had instead repeated the old success 2021 against Felix Auger Aliassime.

During the press conference, Nole made interesting statements about the future of his career. He explained: "I didn't feel like I was away from the pitch for that long. I didn't make too many mistakes, neither in singles nor in doubles so I'm quite happy with how things went.

After a few months out it can be unpredictable, but training in these days I realized that things would go well." Using Berrettini as a yardstick, the Serbian tried to analyze the retirement issue after Federer's farewell match: "I feel older than Matteo, because I am, but I still don't feel old enough to quit.

I think my body still responds well, obviously at this age things are different for the body than when you are 25 or 26, but I don't even play that much anymore. My goal is to win the big events, the Grand Slams and some tournaments on the ATPTour, this is what inspires me the most.

I think the Laver Cup is an incredible event. The more years pass, the more direct experiences with other players improve. I had only played once but this year has been much more exciting given the satisfaction and the retirement of Roger.

We respect each other, we always have, but obviously there is a different atmosphere than the one in the Tour." With Berrettini a double fun, yes, but above all strong. With Djokovic who during the sideline interview did not deny the will to do it again: "We didn't have time to prepare for the match, also because we played ten minutes after my singles with Tiafoe.

We had already said something before, in the locker room. While I was trying to eat something, we talked a little bit about the tactical plan. Anyway, we didn't even get to talk afterwards because we finished very late and we were all very tired.

From how we played, however, it seemed like it wasn't the first time. I hope we will still have the chance to play together." Djokovic inevitably also dwelt on his absence in the United States and on future plans: "All the players want to plan according to the schedule, especially when there is training and everything to prepare.

However, I have a training facility in Belgrade so I spent the vast majority of my time there. I mean, in this period of my career it's not about playing a tournament every week, I don't want to do it because I'm even more focused on everything else. Another thing that motivates me is to visit new places, that's why I chose Nur-Sultan and Tel Aviv."

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