Chris Evert comments on Novak Djokovic being coached by Roger Federer

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Chris Evert comments on Novak Djokovic being coached by Roger Federer

Former 18-time Grand Slam champion Chris Evert enjoyed seeing Roger Federer acting as coach to Novak Djokovic. On Sunday, Djokovic clashed Felix Auger-Aliassime at the Laver Cup. Since Djokovic and Federer were teammates at this year's Laver Cup, Federer used the opportunity to give some in-match tips and advice to the Serb.

Unfortunately for Djokovic, he didn't get a win as Auger-Aliassime upset the Serb 6-3 7-6 (3). "Roger coaching Novak is hilarious, I mean that in a good way. It makes me smile. Roger needs an Academy now, he’s a terrific coach," Evert tweeted.

Djokovic not following Federer in retirement

After witnessing Federer's final match at the Laver Cup, 35-year-old Djokovic was asked whether there was a chance of seeing him retiring in the near future.

"I don't feel yet so old, to be honest, for tennis career, for my tennis career to finish. I still feel my body is serving me, is listening to me well. That's the key I think when you get to 35-plus," Djokovic said.

Djokovic is 35 but still healthy and exceptionally prepared. But Djokovic acknowledged that he is at the stage of his career where he needs to have an adjusted schedule and make wise decisions. "I am adjusting my scheduling much, much more, you know.

I'm not playing as much as I played few years ago. I want to peak at the best tournaments, biggest tournaments in the world, which are Grand Slams and some of the biggest ATP events, playing for my country," Djokovic explained.

"That's what gives me the most motivation and inspires me to play the best tennis. I really want to keep going. I don't have the ending of my career on the horizon at the moment. I can't give you a number of years.

I don't know." Djokovic was out for two months before returning to action at the Laver Cup. Djokovic is now set to play at this week's ATP 250 event in Tel Aviv, where he is the top seed.