Novak Djokovic: 'Whoever I step out on court against is...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Whoever I step out on court against is...'
Novak Djokovic: 'Whoever I step out on court against is...'

One of the most interesting topics of the Laver Cup was the return of Novak Djokovic to the court. The former world number one had been absent from the courts for about two months and still seemed to be in good condition. The Balkan tennis player did well especially on the first day, while on the last day he was one of the protagonists of a resounding defeat against the Canadian tennis player Felix Auger Aliassime.

After the defeat of Team Europe, the tennis player spoke at a press conference and made the following statements: "Federer as an advisor? It is a unique experience to have one of my great rivals by my side who helps me. He helps me understand the way he reads tennis and how he understands the game.

I really appreciate his comments, I think they can help me a lot and I enjoy talking about them. Roger has a lot to offer and I think he would make a great coach, he knows a lot about the sport and obviously has a lot of experience.

A lot of people take it for granted that Roger has natural talent, but few know the sacrifices he has made and how hard he has worked to get to where he is." The tennis player then commented on the rumors about the wrist problems and said: "I have had these problems for several days, at first I managed to control them, but two games in a row, even the first day, affected me.

I hadn't competed in months and I did it on a slow court where the balls are heavy, that had an impact on my wrist. With this I don't want to take anything away from Felix, he played a great game and deserved to win."

Djokovic needs some match time

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal went from rivals to teammates this past weekend at the Laver Cup.

"Everyone is my rival. Whoever I step out on court against is my rival and I want to win against him. When it comes to who is my biggest rival, it is Nadal, without a doubt. He's still there," Novak Djokovic said. "We played the most matches against each other of any other rivalry in the history of tennis.

So the rivalry is very special and it keeps going. Hopefully, we get a chance to play against each other more times, because I think it's exciting for us but also the tennis fans and sport fans around the world," he added.

Novak Djokovic

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