Novak Djokovic on how Roger Federer's retirement got him thinking about his own


Novak Djokovic on how Roger Federer's retirement got him thinking about his own

Novak Djokovic admits that witnessing Roger Federer's final tournament got him thinking about his own retirement. Djokovic, 35, represented Team Europe over the weekend at the Laver Cup. This year's Laver Cup edition will be remembered by Federer's retirement.

Federer received a great send-off as he was accompanied by Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray in his final tournament. "I must say, I was also thinking about how it would look for me when I say goodbye to tennis," Djokovic said.

per Sportskeeda. "There is definitely one thing that I would wish, that apart from, of course, having my family and close people in my life, I would love to have my biggest rivals and competitors there. It added something more special and more importance to that moment."

Djokovic: It was a perfect send-off for Federer

Federer retired by playing doubles with Nadal.

After the match was over, Federer got very emotional and broke down in tears. Nadal, who was Federer's biggest rival, also broke down in tears over Federer's retirement. It showed how much of a respect and appreciation Nadal had for Federer.

Djokovic, who was at The O2 Arena, felt it was a perfect way of saying goodbye to tennis. "I think if he imagined a better scenario of saying goodbye, he probably couldn't think of a better one. As he said on the court, having his biggest rivals on the court with him, having his family, his team, his friends, and being in London, one of the most important tennis cities we have in our sport.

It was just a very touching and emotional moment. When I was on the court as well, seeing his kids and family, it got me emotional as well," Djokovic explained. Unfortunately for Djokovic and Federer, they didn't get a win as Team World defeated Team Europe 13-8.

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