Novak Djokovic weighs in on idea of Roger Federer as coach one day

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Novak Djokovic weighs in on idea of Roger Federer as coach one day

Novak Djokovic says he can definitely envision Roger Federer being a tennis coach one day as he underlined that the Swiss has a very impressive tennis knowledge. Throughout this past Laver Cup, Federer could have been seen giving coaching tips and advice to Team Europe players.

Djokovic, who represented Team Europe, was on the receiving end of Federer's coaching this past weekend in London. "I think that Roger can offer a lot. It's logical to expect him to be able to share so many useful and valuable things with anybody.

If he ever would consider doing that, he's going to bring a lot of positive things to the improvement of that player," Djokovic said, per James Gray.

Djokovic on the importance Federer's family played in the Swiss' success

After playing the final match of his career, Federer gave credit to his wife Mirka and acknowledged her outstanding support.

Djokovic, who is also married and a father to two kids, underlined that having a supportive family is definitely a key to enjoying a very successful and long career. “I understand and I empathize with Roger because I understand what is necessary to be on the Tour for so long.

It’s an individual sport so people think it’s really only up to us, win or lose, we take the blame or credit, which is somewhat the truth but on the other side you wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of the closest ones.

I think he said it beautifully that his wife Mirka and closest ones allowed him to play at such an incredible level for so long," Djokovic said. Just like Federer, Djokovic has the full support of his family and that's what is making it easier for him to be active even at 35. At the Laver Cup, Djokovic said he feels healthy and hinted he plans to play for at least a couple of more years.