'Novak Djokovic's fundamentally decent', says top journalist

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'Novak Djokovic's fundamentally decent', says top journalist

Novak Djokovic, protagonist of day 2 in the Laver Cup, after the clear success against Frances Tiafoe in the singles, has also removed the whim of winning the double with Matteo Berrettini, who in the opening of the day had instead repeated the old success 2021 against Felix Auger Aliassime.

During the press conference, Nole made interesting statements about the future of his career. He explained: "I didn't feel like I was off the court that long. I didn't make too many mistakes, singles or doubles, so I'm pretty happy with how things went.

After a few months away it can be unpredictable, but training these days I realized that things would go well." Using Berrettini as a yardstick, the Serb tried to analyze the issue of retirement after Federer's farewell match: "I feel older than Matteo, because I am, but I still don't feel old enough to leave him.

I think my body still responds well, obviously at this age things are different for the body than when you're 25 or 26, but I don't play as much anymore. My goal is to win the big events, the Grand Slams and some ATPTour tournaments, this is what inspires me the most.

I think the Laver Cup is an amazing event. The more years pass, the more direct experiences with other players improve. I had only played once, but this year has been much more exciting, given the satisfaction and the withdrawal of Roger.

We respect each other, we always have, but obviously there is a different atmosphere than the Tour."

Wertheim speaks about Djokovic

Renowned sports journalist Jon Wertheim recently shed some light on Novak Djokovic's love-hate relationship with the press.

"It is naive to suggest we all commit to turning down the volume? The press doesn't hate Nole Djokovic. He's an exquisite player. He's fundamentally decent. Some in the media (and peers, fans, etc.) object to the Covid behavior.

That's all. May the spirit of @LaverCup redound to fans," he tweeted. Speaking at the pre-tournament press conference, the 21-time Grand Slam winner reflected on his career by saying he still has the "passion" and "hunger" to continue swinging his racquet despite winning almost everything in his career.

“I still want to play tennis even though I achieved pretty much everything that you can achieve in tennis," said the Serb. "I still have passion and hunger to play at a highest professional level”.

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