Novak Djokovic: 'That formula has worked for me'

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Novak Djokovic: 'That formula has worked for me'

Although at this point it already seems something "normal", it is clear that the fact that three tennis players remained so long at the top of the ATP is out of any common scenario. Novak Djokovic is clearly the tennis player who has been established as number one in the world for the longest time, with his more than 350 weeks in the position of honor of the men's ranking.

The Serbian tennis player, 35 years old and current number seven in the world, explained what he considers to be the key to success over a long period. "There is no key or secret that will solve this question. It is a combination of factors and elements that are part of your character, your ecosystem, how you have grown, who you are, how you train or your lifestyle.

All of this creates a complete image of success. That formula has worked for me, but I have tried to constantly innovate and evolve, since I do not believe in stagnation: there is regression or progression, so I always try to be on the side of progression”, valued the winner of 21 grand slams.

“This is something that I have tried, especially in recent years, because the younger ones are increasingly motivated and hungry to lead this sport, such as (Carlos) Alcaraz. I always try to find new ways to keep my game at the top and to be able to compete and beat these players", added the Serbian.

'Nole' has shown on countless occasions that his physical, mental and tennis strength make him the most dominant player in the last time in the ATP circuit.

Nole has missed several tournaments this year

Novak Djokovic has revealed his strategy for achieving unprecedented success on the court.

“There isn’t one secret or one key that solves all the problems. It’s a combination of things that are part of your character: who you are, how you train, what’s your lifestyle,” he told reporters on Wednesday.

“It all creates the image of success. That formula has worked for me”. He says that he is also always open to experiment and try new things and says that he is inspired to innovate by the next generation of stars who he feels are changing the game.

“I also try some new things, because I always want to progress. Especially when you have guys like Alcaraz, who is full of power and adrenaline. So you always have to figure out how to improve and take yourself to a higher level,” he continued.