Djokovic, Swiatek, and Kyrgios to spend Christmas eve together at World Tennis League

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Djokovic, Swiatek, and Kyrgios to spend Christmas eve together at World Tennis League

Novak Djokovic, Iga Swiatek, and Nick Kyrgios are just a few of the big names that will play in a new tennis event that will take place in Dubai before Christmas day, between the 19th and 24th of December, 2022. Besides Djokovic, Swiatek, and Kyrgios, other players have confirmed their participation as well.

Among them are Simona Halep, Elena Rybakina, and Alexander Zverev. "This new event is exciting, there's no doubt about it," said Djokovic in a WTL release. "I absolutely love playing in Dubai, I've had a lot of success there over the years and really enjoy the fans.

This is something different, and it's going to be great being a part of it." Iga Swiatek also talked about the event: "I like it most when tennis connects people and when it's true entertainment. When it's combined with a great show and music, it's even better, so that's the reason why I'm excited to join this year's World Tennis League.

I'm happy that together with other top players we'll introduce tennis as fun to new audiences. I can't wait!"

What is World Tennis League

According to the World Tennis League's official website, WTL is a "4 team competition where 16 of the best male and female players in the world come together along with 6 global performers.

This promises to make you experience a tennis event like never before." To build the teams, according to WTL, "a player lottery will be held on November 1st, where the 16-player line-up will be split into four teams of four players each, and a Round Robin format for matches across the tournament.

The top two teams will then face off in a final day of matches to determine the overall winner of the World Tennis League in Dubay." The chairman of World Tennis League is Rajesh Banga. "The World Tennis League will be an event like no other.

It brings a unique and engaging new format to the game of tennis, offering a spectacular mix of sport and entertainment together. We can't wait to welcome fans from around the globe for this momentous event that hails a new era for tennis."