Novak Djokovic asked who will for sure cry on the day he retires

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Novak Djokovic asked who will for sure cry on the day he retires

Novak Djokovic named his mother as the person that will for sure cry when he retires but noted that he is not close to retiring. Djokovic, 35, is still a dominant figure in tennis and exceptionally fit and prepared. With that being said, Djokovic is hoping to play the game for at least a couple of more years.

"My mother for sure," Novak told Sports Walla, when asked who will cry on the day he retires. Djokovic, who represented Team Europe at this year's Laver Cup, witnessed Roger Federer's retirement. In his final tournament, Federer was accompanied by Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray.

Djokovic admits that he would also like to go out one day surrounded by his biggest rivals. "I'm not close to retirement, I don't want to think too much about it. Roger had a beautiful send-off at Laver Cup in London.

We were all there, with his family, to say goodbye to him at a magnificent event in a magnificent arena. It must have been special for him and there is no doubt that he deserved it. One thing I know is that I will definitely want my great rivals to come and say goodbye to me," Djokovic added.

Djokovic on his week in Israel

Last week, Djokovic competed at the inaugural Tel Aviv Open. In Israel, Djokovic didn't drop a single set en route to winning his third title of the year. Djokovic said he absolutely enjoyed his week in Israel and revealed he plans to return to the country as a tourist in the future.

"I was in Jerusalem a long time ago, I am familiar with the country, I will definitely come back here, not for a tennis tournament but as a tourist, to travel around the country and feel Israel, but also to thank all the people for the treatment I received here this week. I am grateful for that and for the connection I made with the people of Tel Aviv," Djokovic said.