PHOTO: Novak Djokovic celebrates brother's wedding in swimming shorts

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PHOTO: Novak Djokovic celebrates brother's wedding in swimming shorts

Pictures and footage from the wedding of Djordje Djokovic, Novak's younger brother, keep popping up on social media. The last one is a photo of Novak Djokovic and Djordje running on the beach with their arms away from their bodies.

"Photo of Djordje and Novak Djokovic from Djordje’s wedding. I can feel the energy through this photo," the Twitter user who shared the photo captioned it.

Novak Djokovic danced and sang at the wedding

Novak Djokovic had a fun time at his brother Djordje's wedding alongside his wife Jelena.

Djordje, former tennis player and the tournament director of Belgrade's Serbia Open, is Novak Djokovic's younger brother. A wedding attendee, presumably, published a short video showing Jelena dancing near Novak Djokovic.

"Novak and Jelena having the time of their lives. The Djokovic festivities look phenomenal!" the attendee tweeted.

Novak and Jelena's son, Stefan Djokovic, also joined the dance floor. "Stefan Djokovic getting down on the dance floor with mum and dad. Love seeing this side of Novak and Jelena," said the wedding attendee.

The Serbian tennis legend also picked up the mic again at Djordje’s wedding in Montenegro.

Another time Djokovic showed his vocal skills happened after winning Wimbledon 2022.

Novak Djokovic sang with artist Sasa Kovacevic during a celebratory dinner in a Belgrade-located restaurant. Djokovic had his wife Jelena and his friends at the same table alongside the Wimbledon trophy. Kovacevic posted a video on social media showing the two Serbians singing Sting's famous song Englishman in New York.

At the end of the song, Novak and Sasa can be heard modifying the famous line "I'm an Englishman in New York" by replacing "Englishman" with "Serbian." The choice of the song and the replacement at the end of it may or may not be a message showing Djokovic's wish to play US Open.

You can see the moment below.