Srdjan Djokovic gives stunning explanation to why Novak is not beloved in tennis

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Srdjan Djokovic gives stunning explanation to why Novak is not beloved in tennis

Srdjan Djokovic thinks Novak Djokovic is not beloved only because some have a problem with seeing a Serb dominate the game of tennis. Srdjan Djokovic acknowledged that throughout history tennis has been a sport for the rich and he feels some are not pleased to see a Serb and an individual from Eastern Europe accomplishing so much in tennis.

"Novak isn't giving any reasons not to be loved. Why is that happening? I don't know. Probably because it's a bourgeoisie sport, because it was created by the Englishmen for their high class. Then some Serb shows up from a small, poor country, and he is the best in their sport for the past 15 years - now it's our sport too.

They have to accept that the center of the tennis world has shifted to Eastern Europe, to the East of the world. They will have to accept that, whether they like it or not," Srdjan Djokovic said during his appearance on the Biznis Price podcast.

Djokovic on being often criticized in the media

Last week, Djokovic competed at the inaugural Tel Aviv Open in Israel.

Some didn't like seeing Djokovic in Israel and he was asked to address that. "In terms of criticism, you know, it's part of what they do. I receive criticism for a lot of different things and decisions that I am making," Djokovic said.

"I'm a professional athlete, and I am a tennis player. And if I choose to play a tournament, there is a reason why I'm choosing that." Also, Djokovic admitted that the media hasn't been treating him very well throughout his career.

"The media is not always so nice when there is an agenda. So I have to just deal with it," Djokovic said. After winning Wimbledon, Djokovic once again started receiving criticism for his vaccine stance and some accused him of helping the anti-vaccine propaganda.

It even prompted a reaction from Djokovic's wife Jelena, who slammed those who claimed her husband was promoting the anti-vaccine movement.