'I must admit that Novak Djokovic...', says ATP ace

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'I must admit that Novak Djokovic...', says ATP ace

Former Montreal Masters tournament director Eugene Lapierre described Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic as two very nice players to deal with. After 21 years running the Montreal tournament, Lepierre retired from his role as Montreal tournament director.

Federer, who retired from professional tennis at the last Laver Cup, made his debut at the Montreal Masters in 2003. In his five appearances at the tournament, Federer reached two finals, finishing as runner-up in both. "Federer is just first class.

He realized the impact and reach he could have with the whole world. He never wavered, nor did he make any special requests. He was very happy to come to Montreal, he was always very kind. With him there is not a hair sticking out, as they say.

He had a very Swiss attitude. A perfect guy, who was also perfect on the pitch," Lapierre told the Journal de Quebec. Djokovic, 35, appeared in Montreal for the first time in 2005, when he tried to sneak into the main draw qualifying event.

In Montreal, Djokovic has made five main draw appearances. Djokovic has been a three-time finalist in Montreal and has two Montreal titles in his collection. "The nickname 'Djoker', which Serbian Novak Djokovic inherited early in his career from him, suits him perfectly.

He always wants to please the public in different ways. He dances with the ball boys on the track. He is very kind to everyone. He is a provocateur, who always wants to make people laugh," Lepierre said of Djokovic. Neither Federer nor Djokovic participated in this year's Montreal Masters edition.

Federer was not ready to return from knee surgery, while Djokovic was not allowed to enter Canada as an unvaccinated foreigner. Djokovic expected Canada to change their vaccination policy, but it didn't and he ended up missing the Canadian Masters.

Tsitsipas praises Djokovic

World No. 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas hasn't quite cracked the code to beat Novak Djokovic in the final on tour yet. “I feel like I’ve done this before, this is not the first time,” Stefanos Tsitsipas said to Novak Djokovic.

“Again in the final. I want to congratulate you. I mean it feels like I will never stop congratulating you. It will keep happening, non-stop. But I congratulate you one more time. What can I say, unbelievable performance man.

You were extremely accurate, an extreme professional out on the court. I think this tournament belongs to you, it wouldn’t be right if it belonged to anyone else”.