Vasek Pospisil explains what makes Novak Djokovic so difficult to play against

Pospisil has never won a set against Djokovic.

by Dzevad Mesic
Vasek Pospisil explains what makes Novak Djokovic so difficult to play against

Former No 25 Vasek Pospisil says Novak Djokovic is for him the toughest Big Three to play against. Pospisil, 32, has faced Djokovic six times. In those six meetings, Djokovic claimed six straight-set victories. The fact that Pospisil has never won a set against Djokovic shows the best of how a difficult opponent the Serb is for the Canadian.

"The toughest one for me is definitely Novak, also if you take into consideration the game style and the match-up with him being the best returner of all time and the serve being one of my strengths, you know it makes a big challenge.

He's the hardest guy to implement my game style on. He's just so incredible at neutralizing big shots and big swings and making points long. For me every time I've played Novak, he's definitely the toughest opponent for me between those.

Even the few times I've played Roger, I was actually two points away from beating him in Basel one year and I was up a break in the third. Obviously, he's an insane talent but I could do something. With Novak, he doesn't give you anything so it's pretty tough," Pospisil said on the Match Point Canada podcast, per Sportskeeda.

Pospisil on playing Djokovic at the Tel Aviv Open

Two weeks ago, Pospisil and Djokovic clashed for the first time since 2017. In their first meeting in five years, Djokovic beat Pospisil 7-6 (5) 6-4. Going into the match, Pospisil tried to encourage to himself to believe that he could beat Djokovic.

"I had to turn all of that into going out there and believing that I could win, which I managed to do, which isn't always the case. I think it is also a testament to the fact that I have been playing better and working hard and I wanted to win that match.

I think the tennis showed it and he's super gracious and said some really nice things to me after the match and gave me lot of confidence as well," Pospisil reflected.

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