'Novak Djokovic deserved a lot of respect for his decision to...', says expert

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'Novak Djokovic deserved a lot of respect for his decision to...', says expert

Novak Djokovic's 2022 was a very complicated and certainly different year than the other seasons of his career. The Serbian champion has played not even half of the available tournaments, held back by his decision not to carry out the Coronavirus vaccine.

During this year Nole has skipped tournaments such as the Australian Open and the US Open and all the tournaments of the Australian and American season respectively that preceded them. A difficult year with Nole forced to return to the field after months of absence and with a condition to be regained.

Despite this, the Balkan champion has achieved several successes, the most important is undoubtedly the Wimbledon tournament. A particular year with Nole who also dropped in the standings due to the decision of the Wimbledon organizers to freeze the ATP ranking.

In recent weeks Nole has fully returned to the circuit and has done it in the best way, winning the tournaments in Tel Aviv and Nur Sultan. Excellent news because in this way the tennis player will have the chance to participate in the ATP Finals in Turin, the last great event of this season.

Several times this season Nole struggled in the first set and then reacted by winning matches after a tough battle. This is probably due to the several months off, but thanks to this Nole is once again the protagonist of a great statistic.

Djokovic is the tennis player with the best win percentage in the challenge ratio playing for matches won after losing the first set. The twenty-one time winner of Grand Slam tournaments has won 7 of the 12 matches where he lost the first set and thus has a percentage of 58.3%, as reported by colleagues at Sportkeeda.

Djokovic has raised his 2022

Daniil Medvedev's youth coach and former ATP player Jean-Rene Lisnard is of the opinion that Novak Djokovic's Australian Open participation is immaterial in deciding his greatness. "Djokovic is Djokovic, and he will remain so regardless of participation or non-participation in the Australian Open.

He is Superovich!" he said. "If he does not play in this or that tournament, what will happen to him? Only the tournament will suffer. He fights for his rights - and I think he is right. Before, I didn’t really like him, but the further this whole situation went, the more sympathy I felt for him.

He is the only one in this tennis world who can call a spade a spade and do what he wants," he said. "This commands great respect."