Novak Djokovic ran to "shaking" fan who left all "money and documents" to meet him

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Novak Djokovic ran to "shaking" fan who left all "money and documents" to meet him

A fan who obtained a selfie with Novak Djokovic at the Paris Rolex Masters expressed her excitement on Twitter and how the whole moment unfolded. "GUYS I MADE IT! I can’t belieeeeeve it! He saw our Serbian flag and run to us!

I’m shaking! Paris is officially my favorite city ever! @DjokerNole grazieeee Novak! #RolexParisMasters," the excited fan tweeted.

"The run I made to reach Novak!

I’ve never been so closed to him before. I left all my money and documents in the bag. All I wanted was to reach him. And thank God it ended the way I wanted! November 1st 2022, you’ll be remembered forever! #RolexParisMasters," the fan wrote on Twitter.

One day after meeting Djokovic on court, the fan tweeted that she's "laying in bed watching my selfie with Novak."

Djokovic is known for his good relationship with fans

Novak Djokovic has shown numerous acts of kindness to his fan base.

As proof, a kid from the stands made the whole center court at the Astana Open laugh after thanking Novak Djokovic for gifting him a wristband with a roar. Djokovic also smiled at the kid's reaction. "Djokovic is Santa Claus.

At each tournament, he distributes gifts for the public (and triggers improbable reactions)," a Nole fan tweeted. See the video of the moment Djokovic hands the gift to the kid here: "Santa Claus" Novak Djokovic makes kid roar after handing gift, stadium laughs.

Djokovic's kindness spreads among fellow tennis players as well. Twins Novak Djokovic's compassion has affected Ivan and Matej Sabanov, which decided a year ago to represent Serbia rather than Croatia. The Sabanov brothers, both 29, were born in Serbia but spent the majority of their careers for Croatia.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has been strongly supporting the Sabanov brothers as they can feel free to train whenever they want and as much they want in his tennis club in Belgrade. The Sabanov brothers captured their maiden ATP title in Belgrade in 2021.

"Novak gave us everything. He gave us the best possible conditions. Novak Djokovic's support is something that cannot be described in words. He has always been our role model and the person we admire throughout our careers. Every piece of his advice is extremely valuable for our careers and we are very honored to have the opportunity to learn from such a tennis player.

We trained with him, he gave us the best possible conditions and that's what we really needed," Matej Sabanov explained, per Vecernji List.

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