Novak Djokovic: 'They are similar in terms of physicality'

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Novak Djokovic: 'They are similar in terms of physicality'

Novak Djokovic would have liked to arrive in Turin lifting the Rolex Paris Masters trophy for the seventh time. However, the Serbian found a Holger Rune in top form on his way. There were two moments that changed the match and gave the Dane confidence.

The first came at the beginning of the second set, when the Belgrade player had three break points in a row and made two serious errors. The second, however, materialized in the deciding set and saw Djokovic seriously lose his serve at 3-1 after breaking his rival.

Rune thus got his first Masters 1000 and the tenth place in the world ranking. Since 2007, two such young tennis players -Rune and Carlos Alcaraz- have not been in the top 10 at the same time. Last time, it was Djokovic himself and Andy Murray who pulled off the feat.

"Rune and Alcaraz are similar in terms of their physique. They both train hard and dedicate many hours to this sport. They defend very well. Rune has the better backhand of the two; Alcaraz the right. But they're improving all those shots that aren't as good as the others.

When I say "they are not as good as" it means that there is not a big difference", said Djokovic in a press conference analyzing the game of Alcaraz and Rune. "They have incredible shots, both forehand and backhand. They are really complete players for only 19 years old.

It's quite impressive. Also their energy on the court: they always try to motivate themselves and be present mentally." Djokovic finally focused on the ATP Finals in Turin, where he will try to finish the season in the best possible way.

"Every tournament is important at this stage of my career. Wherever I play, I try to win."

Nole Djokovic praises Rune

Novak Djokovic heaped praise on World No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz and Holger Rune, calling both teenagers "complete players" for their age.

"Well, they are similar in terms of physicality. I think they are both really fit. They train very hard. They are very dedicated guys. They defend, both of them, extremely well," Djokovic said. "Rune has better backhand. Alcaraz has better forehand.

But they are both improving on those shots that maybe are not as good as maybe other shot. But they, you know, when I say, you know, is "not as good," meaning it's not huge difference. I mean, they have great shots. I mean, great forehand from Rune or great backhand from Alcaraz," Novak Djokovic said.