'Novak Djokovic could have stayed out there another...', says tennis podcaster

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'Novak Djokovic could have stayed out there another...', says tennis podcaster

Srdjan Djokovic suggests that there was a vicious reason why Novak Djokovic was not allowed to compete in the Australian Open, as Djokovic's dad felt that some wanted to show their power by "destroying the best tennis player".

On January 5, Djokovic announced that he had been granted a special medical exemption to compete at the Australian Open. But when Djokovic landed in Australia the next day, he was detained and his visa was cancelled. After 10 long days in Australia, Djokovic was kicked out of the country and given a three-year entry ban.

During that period, the entire Djokovic family was furious, as he repeatedly said it was unacceptable that his son was "treated like a criminal" in Australia. "I have to choose the words, I didn't choose them when they kept my son in prison for seven days.

That was the shame of all shame. He was in the jail. When he looked at hundreds of Serbs who supported him, he could neither hear nor see those people who supported him. They just wanted to break him and destroy him and show through him, that he was the best on the ATP roster, that they can do whatever they want.

While he was flying between Dubai and Melbourne, they changed the law that the unvaccinated cannot enter the country. He didn't go there voluntarily, he was in agreement with Tennis Australia. Now it's the same situation, I don't know if it will change, but it doesn't matter.

He won a grand, more than 10 Australian Opens. I can't even count how many he has won. His victory is reflected in the fact that all these people came out of that prison after eight years," Srdjan Djokovic said on K1 television, according to Telegraf.

Craig Shapiro praises Djokovic

Former tennis players Patrick McEnroe and Brad Gilbert expressed their views about Novak Djokovic's defeat in Bercy. "Let’s be honest again.., If that match today was best of 5 sets… Novak Djokovic loses 1-3 games in final 2 sets," he said.

Sharing the same opinion, tennis podcaster Craig Shapiro suggested that the 21-time Grand Slam winner had great stamina. "Sort of an interesting remark, but there’s no doubt in my mind it’s true. Novak could have stayed out there another 2 hours, I don’t think Holger could have maintained his level.

Crazy," he wrote. Novak Djokovic recently confirmed that there have been some "positive signs" coming from Australia as he hopes to have his ban lifted and be allowed to return to the Australian Open in 2023.