'I think that shows how great Novak Djokovic is', says top analyst

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'I think that shows how great Novak Djokovic is', says top analyst

The complicated relationship between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios has turned into a bromance in one of the most difficult moments of the Serb's career. Last January, the Belgrader was turned away at the border by the Australian Border Force at Melbourne's Tullamarine airport due to a visa problem, and spent several days at Melbourne's Park Hotel, a dilapidated facility that the Australian government used to "house" groups of immigrants and asylum seekers.

Finally, Djokovic could not participate in the Australian Open due to a decision made directly by the then Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke. Surprisingly, one of the few tennis players to side with the 21-time Slam champion was Kyrgios himself.

"Prime Minister Hawke said he was a threat to our borders. He's not. He's just here to play tennis, he's not bothering anyone. I think the way the Djokovic issue was handled was a mistake. Despite all the headlines, he remains one of our greatest champions and, after all, he is human.

We have to do better," the Australian said at the Australian Open Media Day. A gesture that Djokovic appreciated more than anything and that led him to personally thank Kyrgios. From then on, both began to listen to each other frequently through their social profiles and at Wimbledon they officially started a new and fun friendship.

In fact, Djokovic sent Kyrgios several messages before the championship final, explaining to him during the closing ceremony: "Nick, you will play a Slam final again, I am sure. You are a great athlete and a fantastic tennis player.

Flink praises Nole Djokovic

American sports journalist Steve Flink praised Novak Djokovic's accomplishments in the 2022 season. "I think that shows how great he is. Once he got his year going, it wasn't easy and initially the first few tournaments in Dubai, Monte-Carlo, he wasn't really himself.

Then, slowly, he got going on the clay and from the time he, winning Rome, losing the Masters to Carlos in Madrid, from that point on the quarters in the French and winning the Wimbledon, the rest of the year, he has been pretty much the standard Novak.

Yes, he would have like to won that final over Rune [Holger Rune], it's a slight setback. He has played so many few events than any other top players and he still ends up finishing the year somehow in the top 10. What a remarkable achievement, given how few opportunities he had to garner points."