Novak Djokovic addresses suggestions that Carlos Alcaraz is undeservedly No 1

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Novak Djokovic addresses suggestions that Carlos Alcaraz is undeservedly No 1

Novak Djokovic has underlined that Carlos Alcaraz deserves to be ranked at No 1 and added the 19-year-old is a very positive thing for tennis. Djokovic, who owns the all-time record for the most weeks spent at No 1, is currently ranked at No 8 in the world.

This year, Djokovic was denied participation at the Australian Open and US Open, causing him to lose a large number of points. Djokovic was allowed to compete at Wimbledon - there he successfully defended his title but still lost 2,000 points after the ATP sanctioned Wimbledon by removing points from this year's tournament.

Now, Alcaraz is the youngest No 1 in tennis history and he is also set to become the youngest Year-End in tennis history. Because Djokovic wasn't allowed to play two Grand Slams this year and because he lost 2,000 points at Wimbledon even though he won the tournament, some think that Alcaraz is No 1 rather because of the circumstances.

Djokovic on Alcaraz as No 1: He has deserved it

“He deserves it, no doubt about it. I don’t want to go into discussion what if I played less or more, whatever. It is what it is. Reality is that he’s No. 1. He deserves to be there.

He won a slam. He won many matches in tournaments. He’s, I think, a great new face and a player for our sport. He’s a very nice guy. Works very hard. Has a good team of people around him. Represents himself and tennis in a good way.

I find only the positive things to say about him," Djokovic said, as quoted on Tennis Majors. Meanwhile, Djokovic has received good news from Australia. This week, the Australian government rescinded Djokovic's three-year ban from entering the country.

On Wednesday, Djokovic confirmed to reporters that those reports are correct and he will be starting his 2023 season in Australia.