Novak Djokovic: 'I find only the positive things to say about...'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I find only the positive things to say about...'

Unbeatable. If we had to resort to a single adjective to define "this" Novak Djokovic, we would have no doubts. The Serbian phenomenon, five times champion of the tournament, after his struggles with Stefanos Tsitsipas, who had forced at least one of the two sets to a tie break, completely outplayed Andrey Rublev, who for a part stayed substantially afloat thanks to your service contribution.

Tenth game apart, that is. The Serbian thus reaches 43 victories in the ATP finals and returns to pass the round of 16. Specifically, for the eleventh time in his career. The 6-4 6-1 finale spiced up by a super-end in the final was iconic, with Rublev on a collision course on Day 6 with Tsitsipas presumably for a semi-final spot.

For the calculations, we will obviously have to wait for the Greek's challenge with Daniil Medvedev, still without a victory in the tournament after the last second loss against his compatriot. The first set is rather lacking from a genuine technical point of view.

At least until 4-3. Rublev, who misses a 40-0 situation and, at 40-40, finds himself recovering with his forehand an almost winner of the Serbian phenomenon, is somehow saved. He does not do it in parallel in the tenth game: after a service error with his backhand at 30-30 Djokovic cuts the court with an extraordinary response and files the fraction at the first useful opportunity.

Without nerves, against a simply perfect opponent, Rublev does what he can. Little, in the vast majority of cases. Djokovic achieved the decisive break early on and, above all, held the next two turns in extraordinary fashion.

Nole Djokovic shone

Novak Djokovic has no qualms about Carlos Alcaraz securing the year-ending No. 1 rank. "He [Carlos Alcaraz] deserves it. No doubt about it. I don't want to go into discussion what if I played less or more, whatever.

It is what it is. Reality is that he's No. 1. He deserves to be there. He won a Slam. He won many matches in tournaments." He continued to heap praise on the teenager, and described Alcaraz as a good brand ambassador for tennis: "He's I think a great new face and a player for our sport.

He's a very nice guy. Works very hard. Has a good team of people around him. Represents himself and tennis in a good way. I find only the positive things to say about him."