'If Novak Djokovic plays three of four more years...', says expert

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'If Novak Djokovic plays three of four more years...', says expert

For the eighth time in his career, Novak Djokovic secured a place in the final of the year-end "masters tournament". The only certainty of a decidedly fractious week, the five-time champion also needed extra hours against Taylor Fritz after his "no points" victory against Daniil Medvedev, already out of the competition but on the track for more than three and a half hours.

'Nole' hiccups in the first fraction and responds to stay in the second: in both cases, as a phenomenon, although without playing an incredibly brilliant game and despite a few holes here and there, he does not miss his usual appointment with victory and He closes with 7-6(5) and 7-6(6) after a few more hours of play.

The winner of the match between Rublev and Ruud, which will obviously close program on the penultimate day in Turin. Fritz found himself with his back against the wall several times during the first fraction. Especially with the serve at his disposal.

15-30 at the beginning, 30-30 in the second set, with the water constantly up to my neck. Djokovic, who broke in the fifth game, did not keep the advantage at his disposal and also squandered a 0-30 situation at 3-3. However, the deciding game smiled on "Nole" who, after blowing an early lead, kept his wits about him to get ahead.

The dynamic changed in the second period, with Fritz making the potentially decisive break early and racing to a 5-4 lead with barely a chance for Nole to come back. Third? No. The American trembles, Djokovic does not, and the counterbreak turns out to be an automatic consequence and is worth the decisive second game of the match.

Mouratoglou talks about Djokovic

Renowned tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou recently reflected on Novak Djokovic's potential return to next year's Australian Open. "Big news in the tennis world, Novak Djokovic is allowed to play at the Australian Open so probably he will be able to play three grand slams minimum next year.

That changes completely, potentially the history of the game because Novak is the one who is winning the most Grand Slams for a few years except in 2020 because Wimbledon was cancelled but otherwise he is scoring between two and three grand Slams every year," Mouratoglou said.

"So if he plays three of four more years and is able to win two to three Grand Slams then he can score between three to ten more Grand Slams. Can you imagine? It is unbelievable," Mouratoglou said.

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