'I see Novak Djokovic winning at least...', says former ATP ace


'I see Novak Djokovic winning at least...', says former ATP ace

An important victory to prove once again that he is the best tennis player on the ATP circuit. Novak Djokovic also won the 2022 edition of the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, beating Norwegian Casper Ruud in the final. The Serbian was thus able to celebrate one of the most prestigious and impressive triumphs of 2022, along with the title he won at Wimbledon, of course.

During the press conference, the man from Belgrade highlighted the important role that his family plays for him: "Extremely special for me. I am very grateful to my wife and children for coming. I don't usually experience these moments on tour with them, so of course I try to enjoy them to the fullest," he told the media.

He then continued: "I took my two sons, especially one of them, to tennis practices, warm-ups and matches. I must say it was very noisy, and I was surprised. I could hear his voice all the time (laughing). He was very involved.

They are both now aware of what is happening, what dad is doing. They certainly make my life easier on the road. The pressures, the expectations, the tensions that you normally experience in a big tournament like this, when they are there, go down a bit when you have that free time to spend with your family.

That calms me down and gives me the serenity to recalibrate and play my best tennis the next day," the 35-year-old explained. "It was funny because the other day I had a conversation with my wife. It's great to have them around.

I was like, this is too stressful. She has been with me for almost 20 years in my professional career. It's a lot having the kids around, entertaining them, and at the same time being there for me. I don't know how many more tournaments I will have this opportunity to have them all.

I love these moments. Hopefully, as they get older, they realize even more of the special times we live together," he concluded.

Rusedski opens up on Djokovic

In that context, former US Open runner-up Greg Rusedski believes Novak Djokovic is eyeing Court's record more than Nadal's current tally.

“I mean let’s not forget Martina Navratilova won her last Wimbledon title at 39 years of age so I see Novak out there if he’s healthy for another four, five years so imagine how many more Slams he’s going to have underneath his belt.

I don’t think he wants to get the men’s record, I think he wants to get the all-time record. Margaret Court 24. Serena 23, he wants to have 25," Greg Rusedski said while speaking to Prime Video. “Well I see Djokovic winning at least two Majors next year,” the retired British pro told Prime Video. “I see Rafa winning the French and Alcaraz possibly defending his US Open title”.

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