'Novak Djokovic is physically an absolute exception', says former star

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'Novak Djokovic is physically an absolute exception', says former star

Australian Open boss and CEO of Tennis Australia Craig Tiley insists the governing body of tennis in Australia went to great lengths when asked about the Novak Djokovic saga. Before flying to Melbourne, Djokovic took to Instagram to announce that he was given a special medical exemption to compete at the Australian Open.

But when Djokovic landed in Australia, he was met by the Australian authorities, who revoked his visa and detained him. Throughout the Djokovic visa saga, Tennis Australia received criticism, with some pointing the finger directly at Tiley for how he was handling the whole situation.

In a recent appearance on K1 television, Srdjan Djokovic said his son "didn't go to Australia voluntarily" as he "had an agreement with Tennis Australia" Furthermore, Srdjan Djokovic suggested his son was set up as he added that everything changed once her son boarded the flight to Melbourne.

"The first thing is that we always focus on tomorrow, and we are organizing a huge event, and it is the biggest annual sporting event in the southern hemisphere and the biggest event in Australia. And at that time of year, the biggest event in the world, so we're very proud of that fact, not just the people who come, but the people who watch it.

Everyone went through a tough time during COVID. We were able to host the event both times [in 2021 and 2022] and the support from the Victorian government was magnificent, and we showcased the sport to the world. We were the first to do it both times, globally, and that's why I look at it with more pride.

Yes, there were a lot of things that happened around it, but it wasn't something unexpected because it was an environment that none of us had ever experienced. Looking back, I think we did the best we could and I can guarantee that the same thing will happen today and the same it will happen tomorrow," Tiley said, according to The Age.

Djokovic is resting

Reflecting on a healthy rivalry between the Big 3 through the last two decades, Wilander shared his assessment of how each of the three greats made their mark on the world stage. "Roger pushed the boundaries, then Rafa pushed him before Novak Djokovic came on stage to spoil the party," Wilander said in a recent interview with Eurosport.

The three-time Australian Open and French Open champion also lauded the Serb for his physical and mental strength and dominance on the court. "The guy is physically an absolute exception and emotionally an animal on the tennis court - amazing," Wilander said on Djokovic.