Novak Djokovic rewrites history with a new record!

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Novak Djokovic rewrites history with a new record!

Novak Djokovic is still breaking records. Forced to miss several tournaments due to lack of vaccination against Covid19, the former world number one managed to win a title for each category: an Atp 250 (Tel Aviv), an Atp 500 (Astana), a 1000 tournament (Rome), the ATP Finals and a Grand Slam title (Wimbledon).

A loot that he managed to conquer despite the limitations he had to face: stopped in the first part of the season, from Australia until his return to Dubai; then another stop, with the failure to leave for North America, also skipping the US Open.

Therefore, compared to the 49 matches played, the balance is 42 won and 7 lost: the balance of victories, therefore, is 85.71%. A figure, however, which is not surprising, considering that it is not the first season that the twenty-one times Grand Slam champion reaches this figure.

It's actually the ninth time he's surpassed 85% in a single season.

Novak Djokovic rewrites history with a new record!

No one before Novak Djokovic has managed to exceed that percentage for nine different years: he is the first tennis player to do so.

A goal that is divided into two precise phases of his career: he has achieved more than 85% of victories since 2011, the first year in which he has won three Grand Slam tournaments out of four; the strip ran uninterrupted until 2016.

The highest point was reached in 2015, when the winning percentage reached 93%, while in 2011 it stopped at 92% he He failed to replicate this success from 2017 until 2019; although it has been years, especially the last two, where he has won Grand Slam titles and beyond.

In these three years, the percentage has reached 80% twice, while in 2019 it rose to 84%. In the last three years, the figure has risen again, especially in 2021: one step away from winning the Calendar Grand Slam, the Serbian has racked up 55 wins and 7 defeats, with a win percentage of around 89%.