Novak Djokovic set to debut Asics Court FF3 Novak: Good things take time


Novak Djokovic set to debut Asics Court FF3 Novak: Good things take time

Novak Djokovic admits he was reluctant to make any changes to his Asics sneakers but now he is glad about giving it a chance as he feels Asics has created an even better version of tennis sneakers. In early 2018, Djokovic signed a deal with Asics.

In the past few years, Djokovic enjoyed lots of success while wearing Asics Court FF2 Novak. At the start of the 2023 season, Djokovic will debut Court FF3 Novak. "At the beginning, I said I don't want to change," Djokovic told Forbes.

"When I switched from my last sponsor to Asics shoes, I felt really like I was going to a sportscar from a commercial car. I felt lighter on my feet, I felt there was more flexibility. I could change direction quicker, and I could slide.

Why change when you feel good?"

Djokovic on why they made a change even though he loved his old sneakers

"Let's try to make an even better shoe," Djokovic added. When creating the new shoes for Djokovic, Asics focused on finding the best possible balance between stability and flexibility.

"I don't know if I can choose between stability and flexibility. You need to combine the lightness and comfort with functionality. For us, we change directions a lot and the first step is so crucial. We need a good shoe to absorb the shock of stopping and help us launch and change direction to the first step back to the middle of the court," Djokovic explained.

After two years of working on the shoe, Djokovic will debut Asics Court FF3 Novak. "I've really enjoyed the process. Sometimes not, most of the time, yes. Good things take time. I am really proud of the whole process," Djokovic added.

In early January, Djokovic is scheduled to play at the Adelaide International. Then, Djokovic goes to Melbourne Park for the Australian Open. After being denied participation at this year's Australian Open, Djokovic is set to return to one of his most successful tournaments. In January, Djokovic will be aiming to win a record 10th Australian Open title.

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