Dan Evans: I reckon Novak Djokovic still believes he is the best by miles

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Dan Evans: I reckon Novak Djokovic still believes he is the best by miles

British tennis star Dan Evans thinks Novak Djokovic is still looking as good as ever as he believes the Serb is the top favorite for the Australian Open title. Djokovic, 35, is a record nine-time Australian Open champion.

After being denied participation at the 2022 Australian Open, Djokovic has been recently informed by the Australian government that he is allowed to return to the country in 2023. With that being said, all top players on the men's side are set to compete at the Australian Open.

Evans thinks Djokovic is the No 1 favorite for the Australian Open title, while Rafael Nadal is the second favorite.

Evans: Djokovic will be pretty pumped in his Australian Open return

"Novak was around and I saw him in the gym a bit and had a couple of chats with him.

When you look at him in the gym, he looks like a gymnast - the way he stretches it's like watching a 14 year-old. So if his body doesn't break down he has to be in a great position. He had just got confirmation that he can go to Australia and he is pretty pumped about it.

When you look at how he finished the year, and his ranking with how little he played compared to others, he is definitely the favourite for Australia and Nadal is probably second favourite. I reckon Novak still believes he is the best by miles and his game looks as sure as ever," Evans told The Daily Mail.

While Djokovic was in Turin for the Atp Finals, Australian media reported that the Serb will be at the Australian Open in January. In one of his press conferences in Turin, Djokovic himself confirmed that those claims made by Australian media were true.

Now, everything is set for Djokovic's return to Melbourne Park, a place where he has enjoyed lots of success throughout his career. It remains to be seen if Djokovic can win a record 10th Australian Open title in January.

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