Novak Djokovic confirms he has a new physio: I ended collaboration with Ulises Badio

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Novak Djokovic confirms he has a new physio: I ended collaboration with Ulises Badio

Novak Djokovic has confirmed that he has indeed replaced physiotherapist Ulises Badio with Claudio Zimaglia and also revealed that Miljan Amanovic will join him in "certain weeks" this season. After Djokovic's elbow surgery in 2017, Badio played a big role in helping the Serb make a strong recovery.

Then, Badio did an outstanding job during the 2021 Australian Open, when Djokovic famously won the title despite sustaining an abdominal strain during his third-round match. Meanwhile, Amanovic previously worked with Djokovic between 2007 and 2017, as well as from 2018 to 2022.

Last year, Djokovic announced Amanovic would no longer travel with him but would remain a part of his team at the Novak Tennis Centre in Belgrade. "The beginning of a new collaboration (with Zimaglia). I ended my cooperation with Uli at the end of last season and started with Claudio.

Miljan Amanovic will also return and travel for a certain number of weeks during the season," Djokovic told Sport Klub.

Who is Djokovic's new physio?

Zimaglia is a familiar place within the tennis community, having worked with the likes of Milos Raonic, Jannik Sinner and most recently Brandon Nakashima.

Throughout his career, Djokovic has always been known as one of the fittest players on the Tour. For five seasons, Badio was a big part of Djokovic's success. But unfortunately, Djokovic and Badio couldn't reach an agreement on a new deal and the Serb now has a new physio.

However, Zimaglia is also a respected name on the Tour and Djokovic is certainly confident that the new physio can do the job extremely well. Meanwhile, Djokovic has landed in Adelaide this week and he is set to participate at the Adelaide International.

In Adelaide, Djokovic will be aiming to get some good preparation for the Australian Open. After Adelaide, Djokovic will go to Melbourne to chase a record 10th Australian Open title. Going into the Australian Open, Djokovic is the top favorite to go all the way.

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