'Novak Djokovic's generosity of spirit is often...', says ATP legend


'Novak Djokovic's generosity of spirit is often...', says ATP legend

Novak Djokovic has confirmed in recent years that he is always the tennis player to beat on important occasions (and not only). A good physical condition, followed by an excellent preparation for each prestigious event of the season, and a truly incredible continuity of performance have allowed the Serbian champion to achieve important goals in recent years.

Nole was penalized above all for one aspect, related to the fact that he did not want to be vaccinated against Covid-19: the courageous decision of the Belgrade native led him to skip many tournaments of a certain magnitude in 2021, including the Australian Open and the Us Open, and to play few competitions, although he still managed to make a difference and win Wimbledon, enter the top eight in the world at the end of the year and triumph in the Nitto Atp Finals.

An interesting statistic has precisely shown and highlighted the continuity of the winner of 21 Grand Slam titles, highlighting how he has always been the strongest athlete over the years. A classification with all the points harvested by the tennis players from the recovery after the pandemic (last months of 2020) until the end of the 2022 season recently circulated on social networks.

Thus, a top 10 was established, surveying the fittest players in these three years. If we look at the statistics, Novak Djokovic is clearly in the lead with 18,480 points, half of them obtained in Grand Slam events. He is followed by the Russian Daniil Medvedev (15,680), who has shown all his potential in recent years and was able to take the satisfaction of winning a Slam and becoming number one in the ranking.

The Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas completes the first three, very regular in the last three seasons with important results, especially in Masters 1000.

McNamee reflects on Djokovic

Novak Djokovic's arrival was welcomed with open arms by former CEO of the Australian Open, Paul McNamee.

"Good to see Novak Djokovic back on court in Australia. After all, he finished 2022 as the best player on the planet, arguably the most complete athlete in the world and, as a person, with a holistic approach and generosity of spirit which is often overlooked.

Welcome back Novak," Paul McNamee wrote on his social media. "I’m hoping he can get it. For me, he’s a person of principle. Not everyone agrees with what his position is, but he stands by his word and missed two grand slams this year.

That’s a lot to miss when you’re one off winning the most Grand Slams, so I respect it and I hope he is well received," he said.

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