Novak Djokovic plays football in Adelaide, misses great chance for goal (WATCH)

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Novak Djokovic plays football in Adelaide, misses great chance for goal (WATCH)

Novak Djokovic dominantly won his first match of the season in Adelaide and then played pickup football with his team members. On Tuesday, Djokovic started his 2023 season with a 6-3 6-2 win over Constant Lestienne in the Adelaide International first round.

After beating Lestienne, Djokovic was seemingly in a great mood and played some football to relax. Here is a video posted by sports journalist Sasa Ozmo.

Also, Ozmo posted a video of Djokovic missing out on a great chance to score a goal.

Djokovic grateful to the Adelaide community

Last week, Djokovic landed in Adelaide.

Since then, Djokovic has been receiving plenty of support. Djokovic has enjoyed a warm Australia welcome so far and he is grateful for how the Adelaide crowd has been treating him so far. “I can say it was different coming into Australia this year than any other year certainly because of the events 12 months ago, but at the same time, 12 months is quite a long time, as well.

Already it’s behind me. I’ve moved on. I’m looking forward to coming because I always play very well and probably my best tennis throughout my career on Australian soil. I came in early, almost a week before my first match.

It’s plenty of time. I don’t actually recall when I came that early to Australia, so I had plenty of time to adjust to the time zone and time difference, and just, I guess, adapt to whatever is waiting for me here, expecting me here.

As I said, from day one people have been very kind, and generous with me and my team, so overall a great experience so far," Djokovic said after the match. In Adelaide, Djokovic is hoping to make a deep run and start his season with his second Adelaide title. After Adelaide, Djokovic goes to Melbourne to chase a record 10th Australian Open title.

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