Daniil Medvedev mocks Novak Djokovic's leg injury (WATCH)

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Daniil Medvedev mocks Novak Djokovic's leg injury (WATCH)

Daniil Medvedev seemingly mocked Novak Djokovic's leg injury during their Adelaide International match. In the first set of their Adelaide semifinal, Djokovic tweaked his left leg. After serving out the seventh game for a 5-2 lead, Djokovic left the court for an off-court medical timeout.

When Djokovic returned to the court, he served out for the first set and eventually claimed a 6-3 6-4 win. After Djokovic served out the eighth game of the second set for a 5-3 lead, Medvedev seemingly started mocking the Serb's leg injury.

Djokovic addressed the injury after beating Medvedev

After the match was over, Djokovic said he felt fine after receiving a medical intervention and taking anti-inflammatories.

“Thankfully it was nothing too serious. If it was, I wouldn’t be able to continue, so I just tried with [a] medical timeout, some anti-inflammatories and kind of settled in after a few games. I was just trying to keep the momentum going and [not] allow him to break my serve.

I think that was the key, that eventually I would get a chance. I think the longer the match went, the more my hamstring was warmer and bothering me less, so hopefully for tomorrow it will be all fine," Djokovic said after the match.

The first break points of the match were seen in the fourth game, when Djokovic broke Medvedev for a 3-1 lead. After claiming an early break, Djokovic held on to his serve the rest of the first set to clinch the opener. In the second set, no break points were seen until the seventh game - when Djokovic broke Medvedev to go up by a set and a break.

In the eighth game, Medvedev had his first break points of the match but Djokovic saved two break points chances to go 5-3 up. Medvedev served out the ninth game to cut the deficit to 5-4 but it didn't change much as Djokovic routinely served out for the match in the ninth game.

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