Novak Djokovic: 'They presented it in a completely wrong way'

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Novak Djokovic: 'They presented it in a completely wrong way'
Novak Djokovic: 'They presented it in a completely wrong way' (Provided by Tennis World USA)

"Hopefully I'll have time to rest. I've been in Adelaide for about two weeks now, training hard and playing long matches during the tournament. It would be nice to play an exhibition match with Nick Kyrgios in Melbourne. We'll see what the organizers decide." Novak Djokovic's wish has come true.

The Serbian champion will have the opportunity to play an exhibition match with Kyrgios next Friday at the Rod Laver Arena; a match in which he will be able to prove his state and the of the track where he will play in the next Australian Open.

The 15,000 tickets put up for sale by the organization sold out in less than an hour, so there will be great expectations to see the man from Belgrade on the track in Melbourne. Although the public welcomed the tournament proposal, a former tennis player criticized the choice made by the two players.

Noah Rubin expressed his opinion through his Twitter account. "This doesn't make much sense. An exhibition match before they meet in a real tournament?" . This is the question that the American poses to his users. Taylor Fritz quickly stepped in and responded to his compatriot in kind.

"Following your logic, then we shouldn't even train with the other players and play a training set before every tournament." Djokovic started the season in the best possible way and won the 92nd ATP title of his career in Adelaide.

The Serbian again demonstrated his great mental strength in the final, when he canceled a match point against Sebastian Korda and completed the comeback in the third and decisive set.

Nole professed his innocence

Novak Djokovic himself understands why the people of Australia were against him entering the country, accepting their frustrations without taking their anger too personally.

“I have to say yes because I understand that it was a frustrating period for a lot of people around the world, particularly here in Australia for two years [and which had] some really strict measures in place," Djokovic said in a recent interview with Channel Nine.

“So I understand that when media writes in a certain way about a guy who tried to go in without a vaccine that people would [say] ‘what, wait a second, why is he allowed to come in when many people aren’t able or allowed to come from wherever they are around the world to their own country," Djokovic said.

"So I understood why they were frustrated but again I have to say that the media presented it in a completely wrong way."

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