Novak Djokovic: 'It is the time where we have more sliding'

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Novak Djokovic: 'It is the time where we have more sliding'

"I know perfectly well that there is a certain controversy surrounding the contradiction generated by the excellent games played by Novak Djokovic and his gestures on the court, as well as the repeated statements about the ailment he suffers from in his thigh," Toni Nadal began in this way.

express his opinion on the case of the Serb at the Australian Open, through some statements made to El País. The Spanish coach was momentarily annoyed by some words pronounced at the press conference by the Belgrade native, who according to him also brought out the figure of Rafael Nadal: "With a sentence at the end of the game he complained, quite angrily, that the authenticity of his injury was questioned, while according to him "others are victims when they also suffer this type of situation".

I am not very sensitive by nature, but I understand that 'others' refers to Rafa, the only 'other' injured tennis player among the contenders for the title", stressed the Spanish coach. Toni wanted to try to explain in Melbourne the reason for the doubts about the physical problem of the 35-year-old nine-time champion: "For years we have been able to verify how injuries, both in the case of my nephew and in the case of other players, have had an immediate negative consequence in their matches or, if not, the they have suffered at the end of them.

That's why I think Nole shouldn't be surprised that his clear third-round victory over Grigor Dimitrov and his crushing round of 16 victory against Alex De Minaur, both based on the same quality as always in both his movements on the court and in the effectiveness of his blows, surprised and sowed some doubts about the extent of his injury," he said.

Nole wants to see a bit more variety

Novak Djokovic wants to see a bit more variety being added to the sport. "It is the time where we have more sliding, tennis from back of the court, focused more on baseline rallies. But I think it's good," Djokovic said on the same.

"Somebody like Cressy, for example, from United States, that has a huge serve, basically comes in after first and second serve. It's nice to see that. I think it's good to have some variety for the fans as well to be able to enjoy different styles.

America is producing historically always top players. Now you have a list of maybe four or five young players that are knocking on the door of the top level. I think that's great for our sport," the Serbian great stated.

Novak Djokovic