Novak Djokovic: 'I want to keep my mind as sane as possible'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I want to keep my mind as sane as possible'

In the midst of his greatness, Novak Djokovic takes the time to remember Roger Federer. The Serbian tennis player, 35 years old and current number five in the world, took advantage of his participation in the Australian Open to acknowledge that the 'Swiss express' is missed on the circuit, who is enjoying retirement.

"Tennis misses him. I saw him in fashion week these days. I've seen him ski. He's enjoying life. He's one of the most important tennis players in this game," said the winner of 21 Grand Slams. "Our relationship hasn't developed in that way, but beyond that I have admiration and respect for Roger, and gratitude, of course, for everything he's done for tennis.

The interview with Courier happened that way, like this. that I took the opportunity to send him a message", added the top favorite to win the first "big" of the season. Throughout their respective careers, Federer and Djokovic shared the track on countless occasions, forming an important part of the 'Fantastic 4' and the 'Big 3'

In total, they met 50 times on the ATP circuit, where the Serbian won 27 and the Swiss 23. The last of them occurred precisely at the 2020 Australian Open, in the semifinals, where 'Nole' won in straight sets. The Sebrio was also present at the last Laver Cup, the stop where the Helvetian retired.

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In a press conference following the win, Novak Djokovic was asked how he deals with "intense scrutiny" from the media during big events.

"Yeah, I mean, it's not an ideal situation or circumstances to be in when you have to kind of deal with all these other outside factors that are not really necessary during such an important event," Djokovic said. "But it's been part of my life.

Unfortunately last few years more so. I just try to evolve from it. I try to become more resilient, more stronger. I have, of course, a team of people around me, my family members who are staying with me in the same accommodation or spending an entire day with me.

I have an agreement with them that they give me this kind of protection," he said. "I don't want to hear things about what was written in this article or that news or that news. I want to keep my mind as sane or serene as possible in order to conserve the vital energy that I need for the court," he added.

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