Ukrainian ambassador rips Novak Djokovic after father's pro-Russia controversy

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Ukrainian ambassador rips Novak Djokovic after father's pro-Russia controversy

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko has slammed Novak Djokovic as he believes the Serb did little to nothing to distance himself and his father Srdjan from pro-Russia and pro-Putin supporters. After Djokovic's father was filmed alongside a man wearing the Z shirt and holding a flag with Putin's face, some reported that Djokovic senior also said "long live the Russians." On Friday, Djokovic said the words of his father were mistranslated and that the entire Djokovic family is against wars and violence.

“We clearly see we have the footage. We clearly see what he said and it's out there in the public domain. I don't think there is any benefit of a doubt in this particular situation because he saw the flags, he saw the symbols.

Look, I don't take it. I understand that that's unfortunately what happened. No condemnation the war has come from the father nor from Novak Djokovic," Myroshnychenko told Sky News Australia.

Myroshnychenko urges Djokovic to give an answer

Djokovic's father wasn't in attendance during the Serb's semifinal win over Tommy Paul.

But after Friday's win over Paul, Djokovic said he is hoping to have his father back in the stands on Sunday. Also, Myroshnychenko would like Djokovic to directly answer how he feels about Russia's invasion on Ukraine. “I think he should watch the finals from home.

There was no mistake out there. It was clearly what happened and it's well, we know, we were only speculating where Novak Djokovic on the war. Is he condemning war or he's not? Maybe he is just like his father. This is, again, if there is no answer, clear answer on that, that creates lots of speculation and lots of questions.

(He) will be asked and journalists will keep on asking those questions because, look, you know, you can't leave a void out there. There must be an answer," Myroshnychenko added. On Sunday, Djokovic will be taking on Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Australian Open final.

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