'Novak Djokovic’ll hold a significant place in the history of...', says TD

Djokovic had arguably the greatest season of his career in 2021

by Simone Brugnoli
'Novak Djokovic’ll hold a significant place in the history of...', says TD

Stefanos Tsitsipas believes that there is always something to work on in tennis and thinks that Novak Djokovic has not yet reached his limit. Tsitsipas, 24, was on the verge of achieving his two biggest goals at the Australian Open.

In the Australian Open final, Tsitsipas was defeated in straight sets by Djokovic. In the Australian Open final, Tsitsipas played two great feats: he could have become a Grand Slam champion and also world number 1 for the first time in his career.

But Tsitsipas refuses to be negative, as he believes that all of his goals will be achieved if he puts in the effort. "It is one of the dreams that he had since he was a child and I am going to give everything to do something great in this sport that I have chosen.

It is more about daily work. Fitness is a very important part of tennis. I constantly improve my technique, but in this sport there are no limits. If you look at chess you realize. Novak Djokovic, who is one of the best players at the moment, has not yet reached his limit.

It's a sport where you can constantly improve and create something new, either from a technical or fitness point of view, which I don't think I've reached yet. Fitness plays an important role in winning, but also in maintaining it throughout the season.

As we know, tennis is not reduced to one or two results. It's a marathon, not a sprint. It doesn't work any other way. If you have to spend six hours in a match, you have to be like a machine, that's why you work hard every day," Tsitsipas said.

The Greek is still chasing his first Grad Slam title after playing two finals in tournaments in this category against Novak Djokovic, one at Rolannd Garros 2021, and the other at the Australian Open this year.

Djokovic was deported from the country in 2022

Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley has showered praise on Novak Djokovic after his triumph at the recently-concluded 2023 Australian Open.

“He’s so focused on everything he does, with every single minute of the day. That’s what he eats, what he drinks, when he does it, how he does it. There’s no breakdown or mental breakdown in anything that he does,” Tiley said.

“He’s been through a lot and to win 10 Australian Opens, I don’t think that’s ever going to be repeated. Over the last 15 years, he tells me it’s 14 years because he missed last year, it’s such a remarkable achievement. He’ll hold a significant place in the history of the Australian Open,” Tiley opined.

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