Billie Jean King: "Novak Djokovic doesn't have the record for most weeks as no.1"

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Billie Jean King: "Novak Djokovic doesn't have the record for most weeks as no.1"

Billie Jean King in a post on her official instagram profile, recently corrected the claims according to which it was said that Novak Djokovic, fresh winner of the Australian Open thanks to the success on Stefanos Tsitsipas, would be the longest-serving world number one in the history of tennis, surpassing so is 22-time Grand Slam winner Steffi Graf.

The Serbian champion, who last year had a very special 2022 where he had to miss several tournaments, including the Australian Major, due to his unvaccinated status, had to slowly get back on top, managing to regain the Australian Slam as well as the primacy of the ATP world ranking also due to the absence of Carlos Alcaraz from the event due to injury.

The legend of women's tennis has in fact published a correction on Instagram, declaring that the tennis player with the most weeks in first place in the world rankings is not the 35-year-old from Belgrade but rather Steffi Graff thanks, to 377 weeks in first place.
Djokovic could equal this umpteenth record by staying in first place in the world for another three weeks, while four to overtake it and thus truly be the absolute record holder of this important record.

Billie Jean King fixes the error

"New favorite campaign: @correcttheinternet" - the former slam champion wrote in a post on Instagram - "Correct The Internet is a global initiative created to correct prejudices and help make women sports more visible.

When you look for which tennis player has spent the most time at number 1 in the rankings, the results are often Novak Djokovic, but the facts say it's actually Stefanie Graf," concluded King. During her crazy career, the 79-year-old American has won 13 singles slams, 16 in doubles, among which the 10 Wimbledon wins stand out, and also 11 in mixed doubles for a total of 40 slams won.

Furthermore, the Billie Jean King Cup is dedicated to her, a tournament that sees the various women's tennis national teams.

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