An Unreal 54-shot rally: Djokovic outlasts Nadal

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An Unreal 54-shot rally: Djokovic outlasts Nadal

NEW YORK -- World number one Novak Djokovic may have lost the match, but the Serb won arguably the best point of the match, by winning a 54-shot rally against Rafael Nadal, in the men’s singles final of the U.S.

Open 2013. The dreamlike rally was witnessed when Nadal was serving at 30-40, which eventually earned a break to Djokovic. "I felt really tired after that point, but I said, I have the wind on my favor now," Nadal exclaimed.

"I lose that game even I had the wind on my favor. So after this point the opponent will be tired, too, so it’s my moment to be strong and I gonna have the chance to break back. That’s what I think in that moment.

"My thinking was positive. I had the break now, but I will have my chance in the next game." .