Novak Djokovic to hold special press conference: I will tell everything


Novak Djokovic to hold special press conference: I will tell everything

Novak Djokovic seemingly plans to hold a special press conference where he will very likely address all the reports and rumors that were surrounding him during his stay in Australia. After sustaining a hip injury in Adelaide, Djokovic still managed to win back-to-back titles at the Adelaide International and Australian Open.

But there were those who were openly accusing Djokovic of "faking an injury." "I know everything, but I can't tell you anything, sorry. I decided to have a press conference. I will answer all questions there. I have already arranged with my PR team, the invitation will arrive in a few days," Djokovic told Jelena Medic of Sportal.

Djokovic hinted this would happen

After beating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Australian Open final, Djokovic admitted that he was "bothered" by some of the stuff he read. Also, Djokovic hinted he would make the details regarding his injury public.

“He said it exactly – 97 percent? These two weeks I was thinking whether I should publish anything about the injury, and I told myself that I will, I want to. I will go into more detail and publish some photos on social media about everything we went through.

I don’t want to sound pathetic; I won the trophy. But two years ago, a similar thing happened, and people are doubting (that injury) even today, they say all kinds of things, make fun of it etc. I feel the need to show and prove certain things.

Not so much for those people, but for me – some comments bother me a little. You will get to know everything in a few days time," Djokovic said after winning the Australian Open. Djokovic is currently in Belgrade, where he is practicing and seemingly preparing for Dubai. The Dubai event is kicking off on February 27th and Djokovic is signed up to play.

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