Novak Djokovic: 'I try to always remind myself where...'


Novak Djokovic: 'I try to always remind myself where...'

Novak Djokovic admitted that this year in Australia was more challenging compared to his previous appearances in Oceania and revealed that it took him some time to just adjust to being in Australia again. After being denied participation in the 2022 Australian Open and ultimately expelled from the country, Djokovic returned to the country earlier this season and won his record 10th Australian Open title.

"Australia is the place of my best results when it comes to Grand Slams. Although it was a short visit last year and I left it as I left it, I liked coming back. If it was more difficult than in the past when it comes to the Off-court pressure, yes absolutely, I felt it especially in the first few weeks, until I adjusted to the environment, until members of the media got used to me being there for a while.

There were also situations during the tournament that were not pleasant for me to deal with, but they are an integral part of my journey, of my life, and the Australian Open this year and the victory are sweeter, they fill me with more of that pride, considering Realize that I went through those things on and off the track," Djokovic said.

Djokovic recently requested special permission to enter the United States for the Indian Wells and Miami Masters. Regarding that situation, Djokovic revealed that he is still waiting for the answer, but noted that he would love to return to the United States in March.

"The process is underway, that's all I know. Those things are out of my control, I would like to play, I have the support of the tournament directors in Indian Wells and Miami, they want it, I want it and I hope for the third part to give a positive answer" explained Djokovic.

Nole has had to push himself more and more

Novak Djokovic equalled Steffi Graf's record for the longest-reigning No. 1 in tennis history this week. "Thank you for the congratulations, I am extremely proud to have set another record, this time the record of Steffi Graf.

I have [dedicated] everything in my life to this sport, I am lucky to have a great team of people around me and the unreserved support of my family on this journey," he said. "I try to always remind myself where I started from and what it all entailed to get here," Djokovic said.

"At this stage of my career, I feel I have to put in even more effort in every way to keep up with the young challengers."

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