Liam Broady sounds off on Novak Djokovic US ban: 'Ridiculous'

Djokovic's request to be granted special permission to enter the US has been reportedly denied.

by Dzevad Mesic
Liam Broady sounds off on Novak Djokovic US ban: 'Ridiculous'

British tennis player Liam Broady believes it is "ridiculous" to see Novak Djokovic missing again Indian Wells and Miami just because he is unvaccinated. Last month, Djokovic revealed that he requested special permission to enter the United States for this month's Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami.

On Friday, Florida senator Rick Scott tweeted that Djokovic's request has been denied. It hasn't been officially confirmed yet but it now seems very likely that Djokovic will for the second year in a row miss Indian Wells and Miami.

"Ridiculous Novak still not being allowed to enter the US for Indian Wells and Miami isn’t it really (mind-boggling). Common sense doesn’t really exist anymore," Broady tweeted.

What happens now with Djokovic?

On Friday, Djokovic was beaten by Daniil Medvedev in the Dubai semifinal.

After the match, Djokovic was asked about his next plans. Djokovic was very direct with the media, revealing that he will just kick off his preparation for the clay season if he is denied participation in Indian Wells and Miami.

Also, Djokovic confirmed that in that case, the Monte Carlo Masters - starting on April 9th - would be his next tournament. "I don't know what 'the rest' is. I'm still waiting for the news from America. If there's no America, I guess I'll play clay.

Monte-Carlo is probably the next tournament. If that's the case, I'll take some time off, I'll prepare. Clay, as we've said, is the most demanding surface. It takes time more than any other surface to prepare for. Look, the year is long.

I started off the year in a best possible way, winning many matches in a row, winning Australian Open. That's the one that I looked for the most. That was the priority in this part of the year. Of course, any other tournament win is a bonus.

I will always give everything I possibly can to play my best tennis in every tournament. Yeah, look forward to the next challenge," Djokovic said.

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