Holger Rune clarifies comments on Big Three that were taken out of context

Rune not happy that his words were seemingly taken out of context.

by Dzevad Mesic
Holger Rune clarifies comments on Big Three that were taken out of context

Holger Rune underlined that he never compared himself to the Big Three but just said he would love to one day at least come close to their level. During a conversation with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Rune was asked if he could see himself being a part of the future Big Three on the Tour.

Rune admitted he would love to one day form a Big Three with two other star players but some took Rune's words out of context and interpreted them like the Dane was comparing himself to the Big Three. "I was asked if I would like to see myself as the next big 3.

Who wouldn’t? That said I think comparing is ridiculous. I have been playing the pro tour for 2 years. Impossible to compare with results from guys with 20 years on tour. Let’s just enjoy some good tennis right now," Rune tweeted.

What did Rune exactly say?

At 19, Rune is already a Masters champion and enjoying a career-high ranking of No 8 in the world.

“I’m not arrogant, I’m just passionate about what I do. I want to win, but I also want to put on a show on the court. I think it’s very good that there’s a variety of characters on the circuit, otherwise it would all be very boring," Rune told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Also, Rune said he would like to see himself, Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner form the future Big Three on the Tour. “One of the trio I hope to be me, then [Carlos] Alcaraz, who has already shown that he knows how to win Grand Slams, and finally [Jannik] Sinner.

He has an incredible attitude. He looks like he’s been on the tour for a lifetime but he’s just 21, and every time he plays he shows improvement,” Rune said. Meanwhile, Rune is preparing for the clay season. On April 9th, the Monte Carlo Masters is starting. It remains to be seen how well can Rune do during the clay season.

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