Novak Djokovic attends Dr. Semir Osmanagic lecture in Banja Luka

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Novak Djokovic attends Dr. Semir Osmanagic lecture in Banja Luka
Novak Djokovic attends Dr. Semir Osmanagic lecture in Banja Luka

Novak Djokovic attended Dr. Semir Osmanagic's lecture in Banja Luka. Osmanagic has a doctorate in social sciences and he is the founder of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun complex. In recent years, Djokovic has been a frequent guest at the Archeological Park Ravne 2 in Visoko.

This week. Bosnia is hosting its first-ever ATP tournament in Banja Luka. Osmanagic came to Banja Luka to support Banja Luka. While in Banja Luka, Osmanagic held a lecture - which was attended by Djokovic and Banja Luka mayor Drasko Stanivukovic.

"Banja Luka welcomed us really well tonight! The hall of Hotel Bosna was full, wonderful guests and dear faces, while we traveled through the past and got acquainted with the true history of the human race - and got to know our Illyrian-Slavic origin!" Osmanagic captioned his Instagram post.

Osmanagic hailed Djokovic's 'triumph of life'

After Djokovic defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas in the 2023 Australian Open final, Osmanagic shared a message.

In his message, Osmanagic reflected on what Djokovic went through in 2022 before returning to Australia in 2023 and winning it all again. "TRIUMPH OF NOVAK DJOKOVIC'S LIFE. Novak Djokovic has completed an important life cycle by winning the Australian Open tennis grand slam tournament.

It was his record tenth triumph in Melbourne and twenty-second grand slam, confirming the title of the best tennis player ever. But, this is also his triumph in life. That was his fate and the reward for the man who dared to fulfill his life potential, regardless of all the difficulties that followed him.

Novak Djokovic is not only the best sportsman of the Balkans and Europe of all times, but also a role model to young generations and all humanity," Osmanagic wrote in a lengthy Facebook post. After the Australia visa debacle in 2022, Djokovic went to the Archeological Park Ravne 2 in Visoko. Whenever Djokovic feels he needs to recharge his batteries, the Archeological Park is his go-to destination.

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