Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik calls Novak Djokovic's family 'gypsies'

Djokovic competed at the Srpska Open last week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik calls Novak Djokovic's family 'gypsies'

Republika Srpska president Milorad Dodik called the Novak Djokovic family "gypsies" during an appearance on RTS. Last week, Djokovic competed at the Srpska Open in Banja Luka and his brother Djordje was the tournament director.

Dodik, one of the biggest politicians in Republika Srpska, played a major part in the organization of the event. During a guest appearance on RTS, Dodik thought he was making comments about the Djokovic family off-air when he started hurling insults at them.

“Though, I can tell you, these Djokovics are some hard motherf------, ugh… Our people experience it emotionally, but when you get into business ufff… gypsies for real, I can tell you. their associates...

And then he loses in the quarterfinal when we based everything..”. Dodik said.

Dodik apologized for the comments made about Djokovic

On Wednesday, Dodik released a statement, in which he insisted he did not mean to insult the Djokovic family or anything like that.

“I am sorry that I experienced disappointment in RTS on this occasion. I will continue to respect and appreciate the success of the one and only Novak Djokovic and to respect and appreciate his family as before. We will finalize all arrangements regarding the ‘Srpska Open’ tournament.

I am glad that I got to know the managerial and leadership skills of Djordje Djokovic [Novak’s brother] and I remain very grateful for the fact that this year's tournament was held in Banja Luka. I apologize if the speculative display on social networks hurt members of the Djokovic family.

It hurt me, as well. I’d like to thank RTS for my sleepless night. I can't believe they did this in such a heinous way. As a sincere admirer of Novak Djokovic both as a tennis player and as a man, I wish him and his family all the luck. Success in everything to Srdjan [Novak’s father] and Djordje,” Dodik said in a statement.

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