Novak Djokovic reveals why he is keeping his potential injuries secret

Djokovic was reportedly in the treatment room just before his Rome match against Cameron Norrie.

by Dzevad Mesic
Novak Djokovic reveals why he is keeping his potential injuries secret

Novak Djokovic reveals he prefers not to speak about his physical condition and possible injuries because his rivals are closely following and he is not interested in giving them any edge. On Tuesday, Djokovic defeated Cameron Norrie in the Rome Masters round-of-16 6-3 6-4.

Afterward, it was revealed that the match was delayed a bit because Djokovic was in the treatment room just before the start of the match. "I don't want to talk about physical difficulties, because all that is used in rival camps.

I am glad that I somehow managed to break the ice and finish the match in two sets. That's what matters. It's not the first time, with my team I got used to how to position myself, in a faster and better way, today it wasn't ideal honestly, I felt pain during the warm-up, I didn't have much time, basically I went into the match with difficulties," Djokovic told Telegraf.

Djokovic on seeing a banned dedicated to his parents

On Tuesday, Djokovic saw a banned dedicated to his parents. After the match was over, Djokovic kissed the banner. Explaining to Telegraf his actions, Djokovic acknowledged his parents gave him a chance to pursue his tennis dreams.

"I always feel respect and debt towards my parents, because I am aware of the sacrifices they made so that I could play tennis. In that era of sanctions, wars, bombings (against Serbia) that were hard, they supported me playing a sport that is quite expensive.

In line with all that, I feel grateful. It was the first time in my career that I saw such a banner, it was not put up by one of our (Serbian) people but an Italian, I gave him my hat, it was a message not only for me, to appreciate our parents, regardless of what relationship we have in the family.

Parents are parents, they gave me unconditional support, I always want to keep reminding of that," Djokovic said.

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