Novak Djokovic responds to criticism drawn by Kosovo message

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Novak Djokovic responds to criticism drawn by Kosovo message
Novak Djokovic responds to criticism drawn by Kosovo message

Novak Djokovic says he stands by his comments about Kosovo and didn't want to talk much about the criticism drawn from French Sports Minister Amelie Oudea-Castera. After Djokovic wrote on a camera at the French Open "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia.

Stop the violence", his political statement drew attention but also criticism. On Wednesday, Djokovic defeated Marton Fucsovics in the French Open second round and afterward admitted the criticism he has been receiving only "drives" him to do better at Roland Garros.

“I would say it again, but I don’t need to because you have my quotes if you want to reflect on that. Of course I’m aware that a lot of people would disagree, but it is what it is. It’s something that I stand for.

So that’s all. Drama-free Grand Slam, I don’t think it can happen for me. I guess that drives me, as well," Djokovic said, per Tennis365.

Djokovic declines to address the criticism from the French Sports Minister

On Tuesday, French Sports Minister Oudea-Castera told Djokovic what he did "shouldn't happen again." "When you carry messages about defending human rights, messages that bring people together around universal values, a sportsperson is free to express them.

But in this case it was a message that is very activist, that is very political. You shouldn't get involved, especially in the current circumstances, and it shouldn't happen again," Oudea-Castera told France 2. Djokovic didn't want to comment on the criticism from the French Sports Minister and also refused to reveal whether he was contacted by French Open tournament director Amelie Mauresmo.

“I have no more comment on that. I said what I needed to say," Djokovic said. Meanwhile, Djokovic has been through to the French Open third round as he is now five wins away from winning a record 23rd Grand Slam title.

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